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Then the question: “Is he yours?”

Walking down Cass Ave these days, usually with a friend or two, to the shops on West Willis Street it is likely I’ll hear, “What a beauuutiful baby!”. Then the question – “Is he yours?” with the questioner looking at the closest black woman to my baby. When I say “He’s mine” their reply is […]

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What Body-Covering Burqas and Scanty Bikinis Have in Common

I recently came across this cartoon and had to giggle: I’m sure this telepathic exchange of inner-monologues isn’t an infrequent experience. I had to chuckle because I am far from a burqa’d Muslim woman, but I still feel I get this same sympathetic glance every now and then. Especially in the summer—when I wear my […]

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Standing on the Shoulders of Greatness

“I am answering the call to leadership. I will challenge the process, inspire shared vision, enable others to act, model the way and encourage the heart.” – Gwen Winston, a Detroit wise woman and activist who has been a leading voice in empowering women for over 20 years. Earlier this week women activists in Detroit […]

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Ask me why I live in Detroit

Why do you live in Detroit? As you know, there are many eyes on Detroit, wondering what it’s like to live in this culturally-rich soup of a city, with all its offerings — both the challenges and the victories. Tell us here why you live in Detroit ‘land’!  

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Detroit: The City with a Heart of Gold

What do I know? I’ve lived in Detroit for a couple of years. That’s a few nanoseconds to somebody who’s persevered the economic earthquakes, aftershocks and continuing tremors in this city. The stories of desperation are legend. And so with this backdrop how does a woman landing in Detroit find a way of embracing her […]

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Loving Detroit, Regardless

When I’m not working my 9 to 5 job, I’m the Editor-In-Chief of, a lifestyle website dedicated to plus size women. As the editor, I’ve been given the opportunity to attend and participate in a number of fashion shows, conferences and panel discussions throughout the country. The women who I spend my days with […]

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Long Live The Dream

Martin Luther King Jr. was only 26 years old when he led the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott. While the lure of doing the twist and picking up local women coming out the colored dance hall was probably amidst, even then he had already began dreaming. Sometimes our dreams can wake us up from the daily […]

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The Softer Side of Detroit

When I was a young adult in the 90’s living and working in Detroit, I found myself wrapped in an urban landscape of masculine America. The symbols were everywhere – phallic columns of reinforced concrete (call it Viagra-ized architecture) and impenetrable castles of capitalism. And yet more concrete – this in the form of thoroughfares […]

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Seven Fabulous Detroit Latinas You Want on Your Side

You know those end-of-the-year top five/six/ten lists… the top ten diets for 2012, five places to travel where no one will find you, and so on? Yes, we all do. I have to admit, I love them. ­I always get a great, giggly waste of five minutes from them, and sometimes even a tidbit to […]

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