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All About Detroit Reading List

I thought I’d share some of the Detroit highlights I’ve recently enjoyed in various publications and on the web. What’s on your list? One of Many Detroits: “The people of this city are not abstractions.” An anonymous Detroit photographer shares a view of the city that the mainstream media doesn’t cover. A Tale of Two […]

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To Abort or Not? That is NOT the question

Well – just in time for Michigan’s Primary election – disability issues finally made it into the debate. Although it’s probably in one of the most hijacked and meaningless ways possible. Rick Santorum, the GOP primary presidential candidate is currently ahead in the polls here. But I wonder if his recent comments will turn that. […]

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I Don’t Have a Husband – I Have a Wife

I’ve vigilantly been watching a neighboring home here on the west side of Detroit. I’ve been pulling the garbage container in and out. It appeared that it was about to become vacant and become number four on the block. I saw a couple of guys walking on the side of the house and I went outside […]

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Finding My Way Back To You

I am currently reading Kwasi Akwamu’s controversial book, Stop Snitching: Does It Really Reduce Crime in the Black Community? Beyond challenging the negative impact of informing on our communities, Akwamu looks at the state of black men in America. The beginning of one of the chapters in bold capital letters made me pause, “SOME OF […]

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Sylvia Rosales-Fike on Family & that Hyphen Thing

“Is it Rosales or Fike, or both?” the nurse asked while looking at the intake form my son had to sign for surgery check-in. “It’s hyphenated,” he clarified. “There is no hyphen here,” she puzzled. “Does it need a hyphen? How is it spelled on your insurance?” she implored while a second nurse in a […]

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What Women & Crips Have in Common

Nearly 5 years ago, Detroit Police Officer Tisha Prater was forced to go on unpaid leave when she revealed to her team that she was pregnant. Unlike wounded members of the Detroit Police Department, Officer Prater was not given the option of “light duty” under the circumstances. Instead, she was forced to choose between having […]

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Inner City Kids: Do We Have To Assume Failure?

Student: Dang Ms. Bolden, you be spittin knowledge … you should be a rapper. Ms. Bolden: A rapper? That’s who you think has knowledge? Why shouldn’t I be a teacher, or a philosopher, a preacher…anything besides a rapper? Student: I mean you could be, but then ain’t nobody in the hood gonna hear you. You […]

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Seven Fabulous Detroit Latinas You Want on Your Side – Part ll

Here is my continuing top seven list of “Detroit Latinas/Chicanas I’m grateful to know.” Because, as I have mentioned, if I’m the only Latina you know in Detroit then we have un asunto (Spanish for a concern, matter or issue)! Iris Perez Iris Perez is an Emmy-Nominated Journalist, Freelance Reporter and Writer for Fox 2 […]

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Taking Charge of Those Blanket Untruths About Detroit

Since I’ve moved to Detroit some of my family members and friends are hesitant to visit me – or flat out will not visit me. I grew up in East Dearborn. As a minority in the U.S. I never felt the part because I was surrounded with Arabs and Muslims who looked like me, spoke like […]

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“You look normal up top. I would have never known.”

All the handicapped parking spots appeared to be full. But there was hope – hope in the form of a dark blue Expedition with its blinkers on in the furthest spot. As I have learned to do, I inched up parallel to the driver and rolled my window down, smiling. Reluctantly, the woman in army […]

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