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A Crazy Idea To Populate Detroit

“Detroit needs people,” my friend stated over dinner the other night after we strolled through the hustling Manhattan’s streets. “They have so many gorgeous but empty buildings.” She continued with excitement in her voice, “Maybe it’s a crazy idea but how about inviting all those immigrants to come? They could fix up the empty buildings […]

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Lessons from the ‘Occupied’ (Struggling, Partially Employed, Barely Mobile) Mom

I wrote about Tawana back in December after her hurting honest ‘Occupy’ letter landed her – and her gifts as a spoken word poet – in the blaze of the public stage. Blown away by her pluck and artistic talent I noted, “Honeycomb and I, we’ve not met yet, but I look forward to that […]

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Dreaming a New World of Words

Near my bed, I keep a copy of a landmark book, “I Dream A World: Portraits of Black Women Who Changed America.’’ Time and time again, I thumb through, mesmerized by the buffet of beauty and brilliance before me. Seventy-five exquisite portraits and first-person tales from artists, politicians, and other heroines who, quietly, and sometimes […]

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Love Found in a Junk Drawer

Recently my partner and I moved out of our apartment, which, incidentally, isn’t on my top ten list of favorite things to do. Nonetheless, the experience turned out to be quite cathartic. I found things I had not seen in years, revisited past and forgotten work, and had the freedom to clean out my closets, releasing things that were obstructing my life. Like any good household, […]

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Finding The Beauty Of Being Me

Being a teenage girl can be a tortured affair. A young girl has to worry about: Do I look right in this outfit? I wonder does Joe like me? Why is Carrie hating on me? And God, my mom is getting on my nerves. I was a teenager 9 years ago. And I went through […]

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