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10 Shortcuts to Falling in Love with Detroit

Nearly four years ago, my husband and I left the Detroit suburbs and made the move to the city. The kids were out of the house and we wanted to experience the diverse aspects of this intriguing urban setting. We consider it an adventure and were intent on committing to Detroit in a variety of […]

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Keeping it Real with ‘These People’

Recently I was walking downtown near Campus Martius. There was a warmth in the air and I was feeling great, having just left the hearty sisterhood of a meeting. Suddenly, a man approached me and asked me for money. He was wearing a hooded sweatshirt, grungy and his speech slurred, but I wasn’t really […]

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Secrets of Our Fabulously Frugal Family

I hated disposable diapers – the cost and the waste. Imagine how ecstatic I was when I discovered that my baby and I LOVE cloth diapers. I was skeptical because it did seem like a lot of extra work – figuring out how to put them on and washing – especially dealing with the baby […]

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How to Diffuse Bigotry in (about) 10 Minutes

I was recently in front of the Thirty-Sixth District Court building in downtown Detroit collecting signatures for a fabulous law colleague and buddy who’s seeking to be placed on the ballot for an open seat as judge. If you’ve been in this area of the city, you know that the court’s promenade is a popular […]

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The World (or at least Michigan) Rocked by Strong Women

It happened! What an event …  women coming together to speak their minds – and hearts – about their bodies, kids and rights … from breastfeeding to Choice to factory farms that pollute our food streams. Importantly, echos from the Michigan Women’s Power Assembly invite women to ramp up and dig in to galvanize actions that […]

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How to Say Goodbye to Detroit – Maybe

Detroiter Shirley Bolden, at 23 and the youngest of Shetroit’s Blog Team, is taking a break and saying goodbye to her hometown for, well … she’ll explain.   Dear Detroit, I am not sure how to say this because you have been nothing but great to me. You modeled before me what it meant to […]

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