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Rudeness Trumped by Showing the LOVE

My mom happened to be visiting when my Zumba piece was first published on the site. She sat at my dining room table to read it -and a couple of others she’d missed along the way. I re-read it too. There’s something about seeing one of my pieces for real on the site (and not […]

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How a Ticket Violation Screams “You Do Not Belong!”

The uniformed man handed him a ticket. Miguel Gomes lowered his sight to read it and coyly asked, “For not speaking English well, sir?” – with the hope that the police officer would not retaliate with something else. The eyes of the English class students listening to Miguel’s story in Southwest Detroit opened wide and […]

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The Zen of Being Graceful in the Face of Raw Rudeness

“I don’t think you should do it.” A beautiful woman was walking toward me. As she approached, she said it again. “I don’t think you should do it.” I knew what was going on, but I forced myself not to be reactionary. “Hi, I’m Dessa.” I stuck out my hand to shake hers – and […]

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‘Raw Rudeness’ Blog Draws this Response from a Zumba Instructor

Dessa Cosma’s honest blog post about her humiliating encounter as a woman with a disability wanting to take a zumba class is echoing within the instructor community:   Dear Dessa, I am so moved by the power and grace of your well measured words describing your experience. Thank you. There are all kinds of people in […]

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Single, Muslim and Eligible. Now what?

“Are you married?” they ask as they glance at my ringless ring finger. I have gotten this question from Muslims, Christians, whites, blacks, men, women, children and especially my students. This question knows no single demographic. However, the degree of shock to my 30 years of singlehood is most dramatic within my Arab community – […]

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