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Your Sensuality & Sexuality: That Defeating Self-Talk About Your Body

DEAR DEVI, I’m self-conscious about wearing scanty “boudoir” clothing for romance. I’m always thinking about my over-sized hips, cellulite or stretch marks. It really puts my partner in a tough position because I’m in my head with this toxic self-talk and it doesn’t make me very receptive to love making. Thoughts?     Great question! […]

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The Push-Pull of Those Prickly, Yucky, Sucky Family Moments

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t have the best relationship with my step-monster. Um, I mean step-mother. We are very different women who have been sharing a singular important man in our lives for over 15 years now. I hate living the stereotypical step-daughter/step-mother dynamic. But for us it’s been mostly drama, […]

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