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When the Action Hero Wants to Save the World and the Doll Wants to Party

My 5-year-old was spinning his Spiderman figurine in the air and excitedly declared, “Spiderman is getting ready to help in an emergency!” Not to be outdone, my 8-year-old-daughter gripping Ariel, her princess doll, chimed in, “Ariel is getting ready for a party!” Ok, let’s review. The action hero is surging forth to do good and […]

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Here’s How to Get Up, Admit Your Self-Worth Fears and Own Your Greatness

When was the last time you curled-up into in a ball of shame and let those judging voices in your head tell you how inadequate and pathetic you are? If that sounds familiar, read on … as this Detroit woman, a leader in our community, rescued herself from the scathing criticism of a total stranger. […]

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