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Adela Nieves gets a special tingly feeling when she can help folks get in touch with those shadow parts of ourselves that have been hidden away. She uses reiki, community organizing, and mixed media to coax us from our old patterns of fear and loathing to embrace our defining stories of what we know (deep down) is loveable about ourselves. We just forgot and it's magic when Adela helps us remember. Click here to read more about Adela
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What They Don’t Tell You About Detroit

 “Sometimes you think you know what you’re looking at, and you actually have no idea.” -Sandra Simmons (Mama Sandra), Hush House, Detroit   I came to Detroit knowing very little about the city. What I did know was love, and I rested in the understanding that love was enough to take me anywhere. And what […]

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Love Found in a Junk Drawer

Recently my partner and I moved out of our apartment, which, incidentally, isn’t on my top ten list of favorite things to do. Nonetheless, the experience turned out to be quite cathartic. I found things I had not seen in years, revisited past and forgotten work, and had the freedom to clean out my closets, releasing things that were obstructing my life. Like any good household, […]

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All About Detroit Reading List

I thought I’d share some of the Detroit highlights I’ve recently enjoyed in various publications and on the web. What’s on your list? One of Many Detroits: “The people of this city are not abstractions.” An anonymous Detroit photographer shares a view of the city that the mainstream media doesn’t cover. A Tale of Two […]

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Seven Fabulous Detroit Latinas You Want on Your Side – Part ll

Here is my continuing top seven list of “Detroit Latinas/Chicanas I’m grateful to know.” Because, as I have mentioned, if I’m the only Latina you know in Detroit then we have un asunto (Spanish for a concern, matter or issue)! Iris Perez Iris Perez is an Emmy-Nominated Journalist, Freelance Reporter and Writer for Fox 2 […]

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Seven Fabulous Detroit Latinas You Want on Your Side

You know those end-of-the-year top five/six/ten lists… the top ten diets for 2012, five places to travel where no one will find you, and so on? Yes, we all do. I have to admit, I love them. ­I always get a great, giggly waste of five minutes from them, and sometimes even a tidbit to […]

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