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Navigating life as an 'out' Black Lesbian has its highlights and dim-lights and Alicia Skillman counts it all as joy. Her practice of law along with her current study of ecumenical theology equips her with a potent set of skills to pursue her passion for social justice. She is a pioneer in exploring the cross-section of spirituality, LGBT equality and African American culture to help us transcend those little boxes that we put ourselves in. Alicia is a Detroiter committed to the resurgence of her city and people - with a special interest in organizing and developing the communities of youth, LGBT and spirituality.
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How to Diffuse Bigotry in (about) 10 Minutes

I was recently in front of the Thirty-Sixth District Court building in downtown Detroit collecting signatures for a fabulous law colleague and buddy who’s seeking to be placed on the ballot for an open seat as judge. If you’ve been in this area of the city, you know that the court’s promenade is a popular […]

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I Don’t Have a Husband – I Have a Wife

I’ve vigilantly been watching a neighboring home here on the west side of Detroit. I’ve been pulling the garbage container in and out. It appeared that it was about to become vacant and become number four on the block. I saw a couple of guys walking on the side of the house and I went outside […]

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