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Imagine a work place where we can just be ourselves - our true authentic, beautiful selves. Diana Copeland believes that this is the only way to live our lives and has had the opportunity in her role as executive director for the environmental justice organization, East Michigan Environmental Action Council (EMEAC), to invite others to pioneer this approach with her. In revealing her authentic self, Diana has found happiness in ways that often press against cultural norms. As a trained engineer she's escaped the male-imbued dictums of that straight-laced profession. As a leader, she is one of many on her team. As a partner, she's married to Will, a sensitive, loving man of another race and as a new mother, she's devoted to her adopted son, Leroi, whose African heritage is allowing her feminine sensibilities to explore raising a male child with the values that she herself holds sacred. These are her musings about navigating the shifting grounds of her life in Detroit.
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Secrets of Our Fabulously Frugal Family

I hated disposable diapers – the cost and the waste. Imagine how ecstatic I was when I discovered that my baby and I LOVE cloth diapers. I was skeptical because it did seem like a lot of extra work – figuring out how to put them on and washing – especially dealing with the baby […]

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Then the question: “Is he yours?”

Walking down Cass Ave these days, usually with a friend or two, to the shops on West Willis Street it is likely I’ll hear, “What a beauuutiful baby!”. Then the question – “Is he yours?” with the questioner looking at the closest black woman to my baby. When I say “He’s mine” their reply is […]

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How to Bring the Whole You to Work

I am writing this blog to share with you my experiences as a mother, eco-warrior, local activist and someone who is learning to live and lead from my “woman-ness” – or divine feminine. I think it is one of the strongest things I have going! To me, leading from the divine feminine means living your […]

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