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Nancy Dziedzic is what you might call a "third wave feminist" … this Detroiter - a grad student of medieval and Victorian literature - set aside her reference and academic writing to do house cleaning and yard work; she taught herself how to cook and bake and became adept at them. She gets a genuine thrill from making a nice home with paint, discounts and other people's castoffs. She likes pets and taking care of things. She prefers babies and young kids in the house. Domesticity suits her and she works to raise attention to the less than glowing rep it gets. She's an advocate for women's rights and has published books on family violence, global poverty and urban agriculture. She blogs irregularly but with passion at:
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How to be a Loving Daughter to Hard to Love People

My parents refused to let me be at the hospital when my mother was scheduled to have extensive surgery on her spine. “You’re busy,” my mother said. “I don’t need you there,” my dad told me, almost annoyed that I would even ask. Though I’m in my forties, they see me as just a kid, […]

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