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Nancy Kotting is a fourth generation Detroiter and, although she leaves, she always returns finding inspiration, grounding and affirmation here. She loves the city for a lot of reasons and believes its greatest gift to the world now lies in its – make that ‘our’ – ability as a community to share the lessons we are learning in navigating a post-industrial society. Nancy, as a specialist in historic preservation and architectural history, views the D as a city ahead of its time pioneering the leading edge of urban evolution. photo credit: Lisa Spindler
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Here’s How a Woman Talks Damn Straight

I have read with riveting interest the rave reviews for Michelle Obama’s Democratic National Convention speech delivered Tuesday night in Charlotte, North Carolina. I caught a buffered version of her speech via YouTube, then read the transcript via the Detroit Free Press. While the speech was efficient and delivered very well, I did not quite […]

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The Softer Side of Detroit

When I was a young adult in the 90’s living and working in Detroit, I found myself wrapped in an urban landscape of masculine America. The symbols were everywhere – phallic columns of reinforced concrete (call it Viagra-ized architecture) and impenetrable castles of capitalism. And yet more concrete – this in the form of thoroughfares […]

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