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Shannon Mackie grew up learning that being good is the way to earn love. That's one way a control freak is born. Bucking this part of herself, Shannon does everything she can to taunt it. She makes life-quaking choices and throws control to the wind. Shannon decided, with her partner Joe, to forego making babies and bring some from the outside in. Adopt. Early on, her (now 8-year-old) daughter was issuing death threats. Like "I'm gonna kill you." Her adopted infant son, now 5, was born drug addicted. Suffice it to say there's been a lot of hitting, kicking, biting and screaming. Around this time Shannon and Joe decided to flout the tame sensibilities of the suburbs and dwell Detroit. She says she use to see the world in black-or-white. Easier to control. Not now. They love Detroit, they adore their kids and are negotiating the Detroit Public Schools. They're slowly 'thriving' into life, as she says, "one inch at a time." In fact, Shannon's personal website is
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“Mommy, Can I Be Made in Detroit if I’m White?”

I love living in Detroit and I want other people to know my sentiment. That’s why I’m inspired to use my kids as billboards to broadcast that. Most recently, I bought them t-shirts with the “Made in Detroit” logo. I merely wanted them to share my enthusiasm, but my 8-year-old daughter got a completely different […]

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Warning: Parental Tantrum Ahead

The other day, my daughter was upset that my son wouldn’t hug her. Before that, my son was angry that he couldn’t ride his bike. A tantrum usually results with one or the other on the floor crying. They’re both well beyond the stage where this is age appropriate, but that’s a topic for another post. […]

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When the Action Hero Wants to Save the World and the Doll Wants to Party

My 5-year-old was spinning his Spiderman figurine in the air and excitedly declared, “Spiderman is getting ready to help in an emergency!” Not to be outdone, my 8-year-old-daughter gripping Ariel, her princess doll, chimed in, “Ariel is getting ready for a party!” Ok, let’s review. The action hero is surging forth to do good and […]

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The Foot-in-Your-Mouth Approach to Adoption

My mother was silent all the way through dinner. I was out with her, my stepfather and sister when I broke the news – right in the middle of the restaurant. “Joe and I have decided to adopt,” I said matter of factly. It was 2008 and Joe and I had been married for three […]

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