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Do I Look Like I Should Be in a Nursing Home?

A couple of months ago, I got a call from an organizer friend of mine. Like any good organizer, she gave me a brief explanation of the campaign she was working on and then set-up a one on one to talk further about how I could support her efforts. The morning our coffee date rolled […]

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“Look Mommy, a LITTLE Mommy!”

Even though I no longer have summers off, my life still changes when school’s out. My life changes because there are more small children everywhere I go and this means I’m busy explaining my ‘little person’ self to them when I venture to the coffee shop or the post office or the grocery store. Standing […]

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Rudeness Trumped by Showing the LOVE

My mom happened to be visiting when my Zumba piece was first published on the site. She sat at my dining room table to read it -and a couple of others she’d missed along the way. I re-read it too. There’s something about seeing one of my pieces for real on the site (and not […]

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The Zen of Being Graceful in the Face of Raw Rudeness

“I don’t think you should do it.” A beautiful woman was walking toward me. As she approached, she said it again. “I don’t think you should do it.” I knew what was going on, but I forced myself not to be reactionary. “Hi, I’m Dessa.” I stuck out my hand to shake hers – and […]

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‘Raw Rudeness’ Blog Draws this Response from a Zumba Instructor

Dessa Cosma’s honest blog post about her humiliating encounter as a woman with a disability wanting to take a zumba class is echoing within the instructor community:   Dear Dessa, I am so moved by the power and grace of your well measured words describing your experience. Thank you. There are all kinds of people in […]

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The Sticking-Your-Neck-Out Guide to Loving Courageously

I’m not prosthelytizing. Believe me, I’m pretty sensitive about that after growing up as a religious minority in the Deep South. What I am though is extremely proud of my religious tradition, Unitarian Universalism, for being so affirming of our LGBT sisters and brothers. This morning on the way to work, I drove by my […]

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Do You Love Me (Now That I Can Dance)

The Contours signed with Motown in 1960 and 50 years later I was dancing to one of their songs in the streets of Philly, as part of what is believed to be the first ever Crip Flash Mob*. Along with hundreds of other academics and activists, I was attending the Society for Disability Studies annual […]

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Finding The Beauty Of Being Me

Being a teenage girl can be a tortured affair. A young girl has to worry about: Do I look right in this outfit? I wonder does Joe like me? Why is Carrie hating on me? And God, my mom is getting on my nerves. I was a teenager 9 years ago. And I went through […]

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What Women & Crips Have in Common

Nearly 5 years ago, Detroit Police Officer Tisha Prater was forced to go on unpaid leave when she revealed to her team that she was pregnant. Unlike wounded members of the Detroit Police Department, Officer Prater was not given the option of “light duty” under the circumstances. Instead, she was forced to choose between having […]

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“You look normal up top. I would have never known.”

All the handicapped parking spots appeared to be full. But there was hope – hope in the form of a dark blue Expedition with its blinkers on in the furthest spot. As I have learned to do, I inched up parallel to the driver and rolled my window down, smiling. Reluctantly, the woman in army […]

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