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How This Sign Lets Us Be Ourselves (says the Arab American Woman)

“Women-Only” On wedding invitations or party invites in the Arab American world, this rule is a given. In my Yemeni culture, it’s very rare that you’ll find men and women mingling at social gatherings, which is due to a strict Islamic interpretation on gender interactions. It’s a rule which gave me the opportunity to get […]

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What They Don’t Tell You About Detroit

 “Sometimes you think you know what you’re looking at, and you actually have no idea.” -Sandra Simmons (Mama Sandra), Hush House, Detroit   I came to Detroit knowing very little about the city. What I did know was love, and I rested in the understanding that love was enough to take me anywhere. And what […]

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Your Sensuality & Sexuality: Learning Through a “Sex Play Date”

NOTE: This article contains explicit and graphic material that may make some people uncomfortable. Dear Devi, My partner and I are exploring oral sex. He feels clumsy and unsure and I’d really like some tips on how I can support and encourage him on his way to becoming a world class lover. After all, the […]

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Black Boys: Do Not Let Them Make You Small & Invisible

Over the Detroit skyline soars the light of a boy. The ‘not guilty’ verdict is a reminder that there are places that still cannot stomach his shadow. Freedom is earned: paid for with life, blood, rage and grief. Our children memorize the dates of American wars. Educators repeat those dates until July 4th tastes metallic […]

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What the Trayvon Tragedy Can Teach Us About Being White

A week like this hasn’t been an easy one for conducting ourselves in the work-a-day world while Trayvon’s soul calls us to think deeply and long about healing and justice. The Trayvon Martin case shows once again how white people and people of color live in very different universes. Many of my African American friends […]

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It was Either Curling into a Fear Ball or Launching into Action (Guess What She Chose)

It was getting late – about 8pm last November. Varsity basketball practice had wrapped up and Detroiter Alyssia Akers couldn’t catch a ride home. So 18-year-old Alyssia (pronounced: A-lee-see-a) decided she didn’t have much choice and started walking the five miles home from Central High on Detroit’s Westside.  What happened that night has shaped the […]

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What Trayvon Martin Means to Me & Should Mean to You, with LOVE from Detroit

One of Shetroit’s youngest bloggers, Shirley Bolden, wrote about Trayvon Martin at the time of his death last year. Now, following the George Zimmerman trial and verdict, her invitation rings with even stronger resolve … Initially, I labored over writing something about the Trayvon Martin tragedy. I was going to use cliches to explain what […]

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Warning: Parental Tantrum Ahead

The other day, my daughter was upset that my son wouldn’t hug her. Before that, my son was angry that he couldn’t ride his bike. A tantrum usually results with one or the other on the floor crying. They’re both well beyond the stage where this is age appropriate, but that’s a topic for another post. […]

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How Grace Lee Boggs Helped Me Define My “Asian American-ness”

How does a young Asian American woman find her compass in an environment where her “Asian-ness” can foster confusion and alienation? With the release of the hailed documentary, American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs, Shetroit revisits Stephanie Chang’s post on the indelible and life-changing impression that Grace made on the evolution of her […]

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When the Action Hero Wants to Save the World and the Doll Wants to Party

My 5-year-old was spinning his Spiderman figurine in the air and excitedly declared, “Spiderman is getting ready to help in an emergency!” Not to be outdone, my 8-year-old-daughter gripping Ariel, her princess doll, chimed in, “Ariel is getting ready for a party!” Ok, let’s review. The action hero is surging forth to do good and […]

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