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My Baby Fever is Running High

“When are you going to have a baby?” became my grandmother’s common refrain when I saw her. Family gatherings turned into inquisitions about starting my own family with promises of unlimited babysitting support. I would smile patiently and answer noncommittally that I would have a baby eventually. My grandmother started buying me rabbit objects – […]

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The Zen of Being Graceful in the Face of Raw Rudeness

“I don’t think you should do it.” A beautiful woman was walking toward me. As she approached, she said it again. “I don’t think you should do it.” I knew what was going on, but I forced myself not to be reactionary. “Hi, I’m Dessa.” I stuck out my hand to shake hers – and […]

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‘Raw Rudeness’ Blog Draws this Response from a Zumba Instructor

Dessa Cosma’s honest blog post about her humiliating encounter as a woman with a disability wanting to take a zumba class is echoing within the instructor community:   Dear Dessa, I am so moved by the power and grace of your well measured words describing your experience. Thank you. There are all kinds of people in […]

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Keeping it Real with ‘These People’

Recently I was walking downtown near Campus Martius. There was a warmth in the air and I was feeling great, having just left the hearty sisterhood of a Shetroit.com meeting. Suddenly, a man approached me and asked me for money. He was wearing a hooded sweatshirt, grungy and his speech slurred, but I wasn’t really […]

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How to Celebrate Mother’s Day Even When it Hurts

I get this knot in my stomach and wave of distraught when Mother’s Day rolls around each year. How do I celebrate in the face of having had lousy parenting? Odes to moms who inspired, supported, expanded, guided and embraced in unconditional love ooze from, well, everywhere … from friends talking about their Mother’s Day […]

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Taking Charge of Those Blanket Untruths About Detroit

Since I’ve moved to Detroit some of my family members and friends are hesitant to visit me – or flat out will not visit me. I grew up in East Dearborn. As a minority in the U.S. I never felt the part because I was surrounded with Arabs and Muslims who looked like me, spoke like […]

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