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My Mother’s Warning: “You know if you put it on, you can’t take it off”

I remember sitting on my parents’ bed as a kid and trying to wrap one of my mom’s headscarves around my head. Standing on the bed, looking into the mirror that sat atop their dresser, I saw myself take the square piece of cloth and trying miserably to tie it in a knot like I […]

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“It Doesn’t Matter What You Wear,” he said, “You Can’t Cover Yourself Up.”

When it comes to fashion I consider myself somewhat of a rebel … Not a rebel in the sense of being a fashion daredevil or pushing the envelope by wearing shocking items. For the most part I play it safe but from time to time I like to walk on the wild side. And at […]

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In Another Lifetime – A Love Letter to Five Great Detroit Women

I have become fascinated with the women in the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame and especially the women who have a Detroit connection either through birth, living in the city or working in the city. Though they have departed, the more I learn about them, the more they grow closer to my heart.  I have […]

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The On-Air Women of WDET? AHEM, Where Are They?

I love public radio. It’s one of the staples of my media consumption. Even call it the protein on my plate. And when I moved to Detroit a couple of years ago I was delighted to find a robust local program line-up on WDET (101.9 FM), Detroit’s National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate.  I am not […]

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My Baby Fever is Running High

“When are you going to have a baby?” became my grandmother’s common refrain when I saw her. Family gatherings turned into inquisitions about starting my own family with promises of unlimited babysitting support. I would smile patiently and answer noncommittally that I would have a baby eventually. My grandmother started buying me rabbit objects – […]

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Single, Muslim and Eligible. Now what?

“Are you married?” they ask as they glance at my ringless ring finger. I have gotten this question from Muslims, Christians, whites, blacks, men, women, children and especially my students. This question knows no single demographic. However, the degree of shock to my 30 years of singlehood is most dramatic within my Arab community – […]

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Secrets of Our Fabulously Frugal Family

I hated disposable diapers – the cost and the waste. Imagine how ecstatic I was when I discovered that my baby and I LOVE cloth diapers. I was skeptical because it did seem like a lot of extra work – figuring out how to put them on and washing – especially dealing with the baby […]

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The World (or at least Michigan) Rocked by Strong Women

It happened! What an event …  women coming together to speak their minds – and hearts – about their bodies, kids and rights … from breastfeeding to Choice to factory farms that pollute our food streams. Importantly, echos from the Michigan Women’s Power Assembly invite women to ramp up and dig in to galvanize actions that […]

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Shetroit: Putting the ‘She’ in Detroit

Of course, it rhymes with Detroit if you pronounce it the way most of us do: DEE troyt. Shetroit puts a feminine face on a city that has always been known for its masculine energy: Motor City, Arsenal of Democracy, Hockeytown, Rock City, The Fist. All of them strong iconic male images. On the other […]

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Dreaming a New World of Words

Near my bed, I keep a copy of a landmark book, “I Dream A World: Portraits of Black Women Who Changed America.’’ Time and time again, I thumb through, mesmerized by the buffet of beauty and brilliance before me. Seventy-five exquisite portraits and first-person tales from artists, politicians, and other heroines who, quietly, and sometimes […]

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