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How Roger Ebert’s Clarity & Courage Helped Me Redefine My Son’s Disability

I distinctly remember the moment Roger Ebert became much more than just “my favorite movie reviewer.” I was listening to the radio when the reporter announced that Roger had agreed to grace the cover of the March 2010 Esquire magazine. But this would be no ordinary photo. It would be a full-on shot of his […]

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How to Be on the Ground Floor of Taking a Stand (Even When it Sucks)

I winced – even though I saw the question coming. I recently got a text from a colleague in New York asking if we could have a phone call because she had a quick question about our upcoming work retreat for our organization. I knew that she’d been searching for a place to have the […]

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The Heart Rending Secrets of Our Children in the Shadows

I look at the stage where the panel of experts is sitting; each of them renown in their respective professional field. I see a college president, a university scholar, a state politician, an urban planning activist, a foundation president. And she is in the middle. Groomed and poised as the professional young woman she is […]

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The On-Air Women of WDET? AHEM, Where Are They?

I love public radio. It’s one of the staples of my media consumption. Even call it the protein on my plate. And when I moved to Detroit a couple of years ago I was delighted to find a robust local program line-up on WDET (101.9 FM), Detroit’s National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate.  I am not […]

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Here’s How a Woman Talks Damn Straight

I have read with riveting interest the rave reviews for Michelle Obama’s Democratic National Convention speech delivered Tuesday night in Charlotte, North Carolina. I caught a buffered version of her speech via YouTube, then read the transcript via the Detroit Free Press. While the speech was efficient and delivered very well, I did not quite […]

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Rudeness Trumped by Showing the LOVE

My mom happened to be visiting when my Zumba piece was first published on the site. She sat at my dining room table to read it -and a couple of others she’d missed along the way. I re-read it too. There’s something about seeing one of my pieces for real on the site (and not […]

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The World (or at least Michigan) Rocked by Strong Women

It happened! What an event …  women coming together to speak their minds – and hearts – about their bodies, kids and rights … from breastfeeding to Choice to factory farms that pollute our food streams. Importantly, echos from the Michigan Women’s Power Assembly invite women to ramp up and dig in to galvanize actions that […]

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Survivors of Sexual Assault: Learn to Heal

NOTE: Take Back the Night was a fabulous, meaningful event on April 13, 2012. But not to worry if you missed it! Want to pursue healing? Well, then, heck, contact Detroit’s Sexual Assault Services for Holistic Healing and Awareness (SASHA) But also read Kalimah’s important story below … I am a survivor of rape during […]

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What Women & Crips Have in Common

Nearly 5 years ago, Detroit Police Officer Tisha Prater was forced to go on unpaid leave when she revealed to her team that she was pregnant. Unlike wounded members of the Detroit Police Department, Officer Prater was not given the option of “light duty” under the circumstances. Instead, she was forced to choose between having […]

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Seven Fabulous Detroit Latinas You Want on Your Side – Part ll

Here is my continuing top seven list of “Detroit Latinas/Chicanas I’m grateful to know.” Because, as I have mentioned, if I’m the only Latina you know in Detroit then we have un asunto (Spanish for a concern, matter or issue)! Iris Perez Iris Perez is an Emmy-Nominated Journalist, Freelance Reporter and Writer for Fox 2 […]

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