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Standing on the Shoulders of Greatness

“I am answering the call to leadership. I will challenge the process, inspire shared vision, enable others to act, model the way and encourage the heart.” – Gwen Winston, a Detroit wise woman and activist who has been a leading voice in empowering women for over 20 years. Earlier this week women activists in Detroit […]

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Loving Detroit, Regardless

When I’m not working my 9 to 5 job, I’m the Editor-In-Chief of DailyVenusDiva.com, a lifestyle website dedicated to plus size women. As the editor, I’ve been given the opportunity to attend and participate in a number of fashion shows, conferences and panel discussions throughout the country. The women who I spend my days with […]

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Seven Fabulous Detroit Latinas You Want on Your Side

You know those end-of-the-year top five/six/ten lists… the top ten diets for 2012, five places to travel where no one will find you, and so on? Yes, we all do. I have to admit, I love them. ­I always get a great, giggly waste of five minutes from them, and sometimes even a tidbit to […]

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“Relax girl, damn…I aint’ tryna steal your purse”

I was walking up Oakman Boulevard on Detroit’s west side. The sun was shining and I was nearing the Focus Hope building. I heard steps behind me, I glanced over my shoulder and saw a brown face. I clinched my fingers around the strap of my purse and hurried my steps. Beads of sweat ran […]

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They Giggled. I Knew Why.

As I stepped out of my car, I was concentrating on not slipping. The roads hadn’t been bad, but I quickly realized I had parked in an ice puddle. As I slowly made my way to the sidewalk, I heard giggling. “Heeheheeehee!” I looked up to see the two happiest teenaged girls I’ve ever seen […]

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The Messy, Prickly Process of ‘Detroit Works’

When I moved to Detroit in 1984, folks gave me this welcome pitch: “This city has nowhere to go but up!” Not so. The abyss seems to have grown deeper as the city totters on the edge of bankruptcy. When will the city’s 700,000 die-hard residents get a little dose of hope? That’s what the […]

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Weaving Community: Meet the Shetroit Blog Team!

Meet the Shetroit Blog Team! Detroit is in the spotlight with many eyes focused on it, wondering what it’s like to live, work and play in this richly complicated, intriguing and culturally diverse soup of a city – with all its offerings, both the challenges and the victories. Shetroit’s bloggers are presenting a diverse showcase […]

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How I Learned that the Answer is in the Journey

Recently I turned 40. While many women dread growing older, I’m running heart first into this luscious decade. My future feels wide open. Joyfully I get to take the blessings from my hard-earned life lessons as I move forward knowing that the answer is in the journey. During my 20’s I fearlessly experimented. Listening to […]

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How to Bring the Whole You to Work

I am writing this blog to share with you my experiences as a mother, eco-warrior, local activist and someone who is learning to live and lead from my “woman-ness” – or divine feminine. I think it is one of the strongest things I have going! To me, leading from the divine feminine means living your […]

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