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How Grandma Reacted When I Told Her I Was Gay

On one of my last visits to see my 90-year-old Grandma Pearly before she died, I decided to take the plunge and tell her I’m gay. I hold on to that complicated and intense conversation so dearly now.  It was a tough one for me because while I loved her deeply, we didn’t always get […]

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Your Sensuality & Sexuality: Unveiling the Mystique of the G-Spot

NOTE: This article contains explicit and graphic material that may make some people uncomfortable. DEAR DEVI,   I keep hearing people talk about “The G-Spot” in women. I can’t seem to find mine, and have no idea what I’m even looking for. Is there such a thing as a G-spot, and does every woman have […]

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Your Sensuality & Sexuality: What’s Your Relationship Worth?

DEAR DEVI, Everything I’ve read about Tantric sex approaches involves hours of lovemaking. With jobs, kids and everything else in life – my partner and I don’t have the luxury of lounging around like that.  Is that what you’re talking about when you say you’re an expert in tantric lovemaking?   It seems you may […]

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Your Sensuality & Sexuality: When & Why the “Love Drug” Runs Out

DEAR DEVI, When my partner and I first got together, we could hardly keep our hands off of each other, and we had sex almost everyday, sometimes several times in one day! We’ve only been together for about a year, and now we have sex maybe once a week – and sometimes it’s longer than […]

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How the World Series Healed My Heart

The Tigers lost. No secret to Detroiters and the rest of the world. I had the opportunity – the privilege – to cheer them to defeat at the 2012 World Series on Sunday night with my former lifetime partner and our children. And no surprise to most, we had a blast! But the privilege was […]

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How to Diffuse Bigotry in (about) 10 Minutes

I was recently in front of the Thirty-Sixth District Court building in downtown Detroit collecting signatures for a fabulous law colleague and buddy who’s seeking to be placed on the ballot for an open seat as judge. If you’ve been in this area of the city, you know that the court’s promenade is a popular […]

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The Sticking-Your-Neck-Out Guide to Loving Courageously

I’m not prosthelytizing. Believe me, I’m pretty sensitive about that after growing up as a religious minority in the Deep South. What I am though is extremely proud of my religious tradition, Unitarian Universalism, for being so affirming of our LGBT sisters and brothers. This morning on the way to work, I drove by my […]

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Survivors of Sexual Assault: Learn to Heal

NOTE: Take Back the Night was a fabulous, meaningful event on April 13, 2012. But not to worry if you missed it! Want to pursue healing? Well, then, heck, contact Detroit’s Sexual Assault Services for Holistic Healing and Awareness (SASHA) But also read Kalimah’s important story below … I am a survivor of rape during […]

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I Don’t Have a Husband – I Have a Wife

I’ve vigilantly been watching a neighboring home here on the west side of Detroit. I’ve been pulling the garbage container in and out. It appeared that it was about to become vacant and become number four on the block. I saw a couple of guys walking on the side of the house and I went outside […]

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