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Dreaming a New World of Words

Near my bed, I keep a copy of a landmark book, “I Dream A World: Portraits of Black Women Who Changed America.’’ Time and time again, I thumb through, mesmerized by the buffet of beauty and brilliance before me. Seventy-five exquisite portraits and first-person tales from artists, politicians, and other heroines who, quietly, and sometimes […]

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Love Found in a Junk Drawer

Recently my partner and I moved out of our apartment, which, incidentally, isn’t on my top ten list of favorite things to do. Nonetheless, the experience turned out to be quite cathartic. I found things I had not seen in years, revisited past and forgotten work, and had the freedom to clean out my closets, releasing things that were obstructing my life. Like any good household, […]

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Finding The Beauty Of Being Me

Being a teenage girl can be a tortured affair. A young girl has to worry about: Do I look right in this outfit? I wonder does Joe like me? Why is Carrie hating on me? And God, my mom is getting on my nerves. I was a teenager 9 years ago. And I went through […]

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What to Do When Life Isn’t Fair

My dad went into palliative care last week. My mom and I sat with him, waiting for the ambulance to transport us to the hospice. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to describe the sad resignation I saw in his eyes, while he tried to be positive and brave for us. There was more […]

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