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Wearing Our Truth: Shetroit’s Raw Evolution

I am Detroit. My heart beats “Papa Was a Rollingstone”. I feel lost–displaced. Everyone tries to tell me what my story is. And I can’t get an accurate reflection of myself. Time Magazine tells me that I am ruin porn. CNN keeps telling me that I am bankrupt. 60 minutes says that I am corrupt. […]

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How Grandma Reacted When I Told Her I Was Gay

On one of my last visits to see my 90-year-old Grandma Pearly before she died, I decided to take the plunge and tell her I’m gay. I hold on to that complicated and intense conversation so dearly now.  It was a tough one for me because while I loved her deeply, we didn’t always get […]

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Warning: Learning to Flip Grown Men Can be Good For Your Health

I never imagined that I’d get into martial arts. In fact, as a teen, the thought of martial arts made me feel weird and angsty. I think it was a combination of having seen bad kung fu movies and having no concept of how martial arts could relate to my life whatsoever. I had no […]

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The Foot-in-Your-Mouth Approach to Adoption

My mother was silent all the way through dinner. I was out with her, my stepfather and sister when I broke the news – right in the middle of the restaurant. “Joe and I have decided to adopt,” I said matter of factly. It was 2008 and Joe and I had been married for three […]

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Shouldn’t We Respect Pregnant Women & Their Fragile State?

Society has a problem. A major problem. Anytime news outlets and pop culture fans deem it okay to talk about pregnant women and their children in a negative way, there’s a definite issue. While perusing the internet I stumbled upon this article on the In the article the author calls out Kim Kardashian for […]

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Your Sensuality & Sexuality: How Do I Get Him to a Couples Workshop?

DEAR DEVI, I’d like to attend a couples workshop with my partner, but he essentially says ‘no’ whenever I suggest the idea. Without issuing an ultimatum (which I know is not a good idea), how do I communicate how important it is to me? There’s a part of me that’s really scared because I perceive […]

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They Giggled. I Knew Why.

As I stepped out of my car, I was concentrating on not slipping. The roads hadn’t been bad, but I quickly realized I had parked in an ice puddle. As I slowly made my way to the sidewalk, I heard giggling. “Heeheheeehee!” I looked up to see the two happiest teenaged girls I’ve ever seen […]

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