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When Black Isn’t Beautiful … And How Sexual Healing Told Me Otherwise

I learned from a very young age that black is not beautiful. I learned from all the childhood fairytales and Walt Disney stories which described the beautiful white princess with flowing blond hair, who was saved by the handsome white prince who instantly fell in love with her, enslaved by her fair beauty and silky […]

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Your Sensuality & Sexuality: How Do I Get Him to a Couples Workshop?

DEAR DEVI, I’d like to attend a couples workshop with my partner, but he essentially says ‘no’ whenever I suggest the idea. Without issuing an ultimatum (which I know is not a good idea), how do I communicate how important it is to me? There’s a part of me that’s really scared because I perceive […]

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Your Sensuality & Sexuality: Asking for MORE in Your Sexual Relationship

DEAR DEVI, My partner and I have been together for more than 10 years. Although I like our sex and the way he touches me, there are times when I desire a little something different. I’m wondering if you have any suggestions for how to communicate this to him – without making him feel inadequate, […]

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Your Sensuality & Sexuality: When & Why the “Love Drug” Runs Out

DEAR DEVI, When my partner and I first got together, we could hardly keep our hands off of each other, and we had sex almost everyday, sometimes several times in one day! We’ve only been together for about a year, and now we have sex maybe once a week – and sometimes it’s longer than […]

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Your Sensuality & Sexuality: That Defeating Self-Talk About Your Body

DEAR DEVI, I’m self-conscious about wearing scanty “boudoir” clothing for romance. I’m always thinking about my over-sized hips, cellulite or stretch marks. It really puts my partner in a tough position because I’m in my head with this toxic self-talk and it doesn’t make me very receptive to love making. Thoughts?     Great question! […]

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