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The Heart Rending Secrets of Our Children in the Shadows

I look at the stage where the panel of experts is sitting; each of them renown in their respective professional field. I see a college president, a university scholar, a state politician, an urban planning activist, a foundation president. And she is in the middle. Groomed and poised as the professional young woman she is […]

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How a Ticket Violation Screams “You Do Not Belong!”

The uniformed man handed him a ticket. Miguel Gomes lowered his sight to read it and coyly asked, “For not speaking English well, sir?” – with the hope that the police officer would not retaliate with something else. The eyes of the English class students listening to Miguel’s story in Southwest Detroit opened wide and […]

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The Cure for the Common Everything

I look down at my Blackberry and read David’s text: “I’m on my way, amor.” My husband – who is also suffering from a cold – is racing to pick up the required “medicine” to fix the madness cruising both our body systems and provoking chills, fevers, headaches and the sense that the world is […]

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A Crazy Idea To Populate Detroit

“Detroit needs people,” my friend stated over dinner the other night after we strolled through the hustling Manhattan’s streets. “They have so many gorgeous but empty buildings.” She continued with excitement in her voice, “Maybe it’s a crazy idea but how about inviting all those immigrants to come? They could fix up the empty buildings […]

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Sylvia Rosales-Fike on Family & that Hyphen Thing

“Is it Rosales or Fike, or both?” the nurse asked while looking at the intake form my son had to sign for surgery check-in. “It’s hyphenated,” he clarified. “There is no hyphen here,” she puzzled. “Does it need a hyphen? How is it spelled on your insurance?” she implored while a second nurse in a […]

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Weaving Community: Meet the Shetroit Blog Team!

Meet the Shetroit Blog Team! Detroit is in the spotlight with many eyes focused on it, wondering what it’s like to live, work and play in this richly complicated, intriguing and culturally diverse soup of a city – with all its offerings, both the challenges and the victories. Shetroit’s bloggers are presenting a diverse showcase […]

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How to Find Common Ground

“Why?”—they ask. “Why Detroit!?” That’s the typical question I receive from Detroiters when they learn I am a newcomer. “Wow!” they add once they learned I moved from California. My friends from my former town had a heart-wrenching farewell for me also. At times, their “Wow” expression was followed by words of warning: “Sylvia, there […]

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