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I Have Nowhere Else To Report This

Monday, August 3, 2015:  I’m sitting on a plane on my way to DC for an organization wide event. My stomach is knotted as I think about seeing a co-worker who I have filed a sexual harassment claim against. I am a Dream Director. I empower youth and my community to believe that anything is […]

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What to do When the Monster Comes Roaring Out

Let me start with admitting that I recently lost my mind on a parking lot attendant … you know, the gatekeeper at a parking garage. It’s not a proud moment by any means, especially since the guy was just doing his job. In my hurry to get out of the house that morning, I had […]

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Retiring Gracefully (well, kinda) After Given the Boot

Senior management staff at my office were disappearing at a rapid clip – there one day, gone the next. When I started there 10 years earlier, I was pleased that many of my peers were of “my generation.” This year, at 63, I was one of the oldest still there. But there was a certain […]

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How to Diffuse Bigotry in (about) 10 Minutes

I was recently in front of the Thirty-Sixth District Court building in downtown Detroit collecting signatures for a fabulous law colleague and buddy who’s seeking to be placed on the ballot for an open seat as judge. If you’ve been in this area of the city, you know that the court’s promenade is a popular […]

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Hey Mama! Meet Your New Best Friend

She lives in Royal Oak, has fulfilling work with good pay, a loving husband and two well-tended kids with another on the way. In that respect, Danielle Atkinson is miles apart – literally and figuratively – from the other mothers of color who live on the margins of barely meeting the basic needs of their […]

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