How to Bench Press Your City

…. if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

No, seriously, if you can make it in Detroit, a city that is painted as, well you’ve seen the picture, you’re Super Duper Man and Woman.

Does that make our success stories belong in comic books, with action heroes and sheroes because they made it in this bleak town, escaping the grip of Mr. Poverty, Queen Welfare and Maximus Minimumus Educational Value Kid?

No. It makes us Detroiters.

Detroit is the birthplace of pioneering. Motown changed the music industry and while Atlanta is a mecca for today’s musical talent, Jermaine Dupri had to call them the new Motown.

Living Large in Detroit

Henry Ford envisioned more than the car, he redefined the mass production process.

And if you try and convince me that there is anything better than a Faygo Red Pop I will push you off our scenic international border.

Chrysler painted a well-rounded picture of the feelings that resonant with Detroiters:

It’s time out for, “someone who has never even been here,” as the Michigan man’s voice stated over Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” baseline, telling people about our story.

We get so strong-willed about our city we argue and nearly sever relationships over that Chrysler 200 commercial disputing its impact on the economics of our city. (I’ve seen the Facebook arguments.)

We love our city and we’re not pretending we don’t have problems. We are learning to bench press our issues so they make us stronger.

We are the big brother city. As cute and cuddly as New York, Chicago, Dallas and Atlanta are; they walk in our footsteps, trying to be like us, their big brother. Big brothers and sisters know when to let the younger have its shine as we prep for our comeback.

While our population dwindles, the few who remain have been learning lessons to duck and dodge adversity from every aspect of city government.

Throw your punch education, kick us in the side police corruption, trip us dirty politicians, but when you get done you had better duck, because we’re coming back…pow, right in the kisser.


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