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Please consider making a donation to Shetroit: Women Dreaming Detroit to lift and unite women’s voices to accelerate their leadership impact in Detroit and the world.

Shetroit is a non-profit, non-partisan Michigan organization devoted to using media, communication, education and convening to strengthen and amplify women’s leadership capacity. Women are the essential bridge to nurturing sustainable and healthy lifestyles. As the primary caregivers, women manage their families and are the keepers of our society’s values, they are the nurturers and the peacemakers. In fact, the UN Security Council  has underscored “the critical and essential impact that women can and do have in the resolution of peace.”

For these reasons it is vital, in Detroit and elsewhere, to bring women together to weave community. This is an essential component of’s mission and vision.

We are able to receive your contribution by check – The time-honored way of giving, and the best way to ensure we receive 100% of the donation.

Make your check to:
Shetroit Inc.
4221 Cass Ave
Suite 900
Detroit, MI 48201

Many thanks!
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We are a Michigan not for profit but do not have IRS tax exempt status yet so contributions or gifts are not tax deductible.