Thinking About Writing For Shetroit?

We’re delighted that you’re visiting this page – it means that you have some juice around the idea of telling your story!

This might be the first time you’ve thought about writing (at least so others can read it). Or perhaps you’re a regular blogger or write for other places – maybe at your work.

Likely though you haven’t written like this!

Talking about  a challenge that pulled you through a knothole. Or a transformation that made you emerge wiser, clearer or more resilient.

Was it a graceful process or pretty clumsy?

Heck, maybe you’re in the midst of it right now … a little or a lot miserable and have no idea how you’re going to get through it.

You just know that you’re determined to grow through it.

Change is inevitable but growth is optional Women Dreaming Detroit is a nonprofit web project and its mission is to: ‘Help create an enriching space for the women of Detroit to weave community.’ offers a diverse showcase of women’s voices talking about their personal lives in Detroit.

By sharing our journeys we can be part of a community where people see one another, attune to one another, make space for ambiguity, and allow us to articulate our individual and unique experiences of life.

We’re looking for honesty, edginess, bluntness – all in the magic of telling your story. Often, the most relaxing way to write from the heart is as if you are writing an email to a good friend, posting a comment on Facebook (only longer) or talking over coffee with that good friend.

Sitting down at the computer to “WRITE” can be daunting and intimidating. Your story can flow more organically when you’re your natural self.

You will be in good hands as all our blog posts are edited for clarity and grammar in order to help you best communicate to Shetroit’s audience. Our intention is to maintain high writing standards with every voice we feature.


Here’s What’s Expected of You:

  • That you thoughtfully consider and respond to suggested edits and make revisions as requested and communicate with us clearly and consistently throughout the editing process.
  • Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the editing.
  • Please note that we do not guarantee publication of any content although we hope that all content we work with bloggers to develop will eventually make its way on to the website.
  • A blog post is made to be fairly short and succinct – no more than 300 to 600 words.
  • There will be a place for readers to comment and all comments will be filtered so that only appropriate comments will be published and inappropriate comments will be deleted.
  • Your patience … giving rise to women’s voices is a deliberate and thoughtful process. We treat all women with the respect and support that you deserve. You need to give us up to 60 days to focus with you on your piece (if it’s time sensitive, you’ll get to jump line).

If changes are suggested that don’t work for you, please let us know what doesn’t work and why. We’ll look toward a solution that works for all of us. Every effort is made to allow writers to review all edits to their work (including copyedits). On occasion, we may make minor changes before publishing on the site. There will be no major changes to your work without your review and approval.

Story-telling is an ideal and a poignant approach to conveying your Truth. There are many fine examples on the site. We invite you to explore the posts by our Shetroit blog team and guest bloggers to embrace the wide-ranging perspectives that might offer inspiration for yours.

As we are a nonprofit, we need to ask for your work as a contribution. Sharing your voice is important work and we hope that you will consider this invitation to do so!

Ok, there’s the download. If you still have questions, please ask or let us know your interest by contacting us.


Credit: With great thanks to Make/Shift Magazine for informing our writer guidelines.