NIkki Patin On Why Testimony is Necessary


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Imagine being told you're a magical creature and given a pair of angel wings to strap on before you sit down to write. Imagine you were told you were capable of anything you could dream. Then by surrendering to that thought, you were later awarded a magic wand and a crown - because your creativity makes you a queen. This is one of the many ways Detroiter Sherina Rodriquez Sharpe has inspired hundreds of young writers to explore their passions and connect with their hearts. Sherina's now bringing her gift for inspiring others to the project. As Shetroit's convener and publisher, she's drawing from the profound healing she's experienced through her own writing to help Detroit women to embrace their own self-worth. In getting in touch with the wounded parts of ourselves, we can serve as role models for others longing to do the same.
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