Shetroit: Putting the ‘She’ in Detroit

Of course, it rhymes with Detroit if you pronounce it the way most of us do: DEE troyt. Shetroit puts a feminine face on a city that has always been known for its masculine energy: Motor City, Arsenal of Democracy, Hockeytown, Rock City, The Fist. All of them strong iconic male images.

On the other hand, the hallmarks of feminine expression are harmony, interdependence, family and community, along with communication. In fact, perhaps the French pronunciation of Detroit: détroit (pronounced Day-twah), which describes the body of water that ‘connects’ the Great Lakes, is most fitting – as women are natural born connectors. We’re reminded that women have an innate ability to help other women to trust their own heart and their own wisdom to emerge as leaders and role models in their community.

For this reason, a group of diverse and accomplished women initiated this project with me because we believe that the women, the wise women among us – whatever color, whatever shape, whatever persuasion – the wise ones intuitively know that this messy, tricky, teetering condition in Detroit (which is also coming to a city near you) is an opportunity to embrace life in all its dimensions, from the depths to the heights and, in doing so, healing happens.

The famous Detroit statue Passo Di Danza (Step of the Dance)

So Shetroit: Women Dreaming Detroit is a nonprofit web project that’s been created to support women in owning their self-worth and stepping into their greatness. Shetroit’s intention is to encourage the shift toward a new paradigm of feminine leadership, partnership and collaboration woven together with intercultural dialogue and action and take it out into the community. Our blog team represents a cross-section of cultures and persuasions … with more to come!

The women of metro Detroit (I prefer the term Detroitland, which helps remind us that we’re All One), are holding the dreams or in many cases piecing them together. It’s slow, arduous work but the women are indefatigable as they stir the caldron of possibilities. This is what I love about Detroit. And a whole lot more that I’ll be writing about.



Photo by Cletch


About Becca

A transplant to Detroit, Becca Williams is wondering what's all this fuss about Detroit and its metro area? Eight mile, suburbs, lots of 'zebras,' pitting who against whom? She just says, "Let's get the women together and we'll figure it out." So here it is: Women Dreaming Detroit. And another thing, she comes from Chicago where the whole metro area was referred to as 'Chicagoland.' It's a big hug that says, "We share a land. We're community." From now on, Detroitland. Click here to read more about Rebecca

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