Shouldn’t We Respect Pregnant Women & Their Fragile State?

Society has a problem. A major problem.

Anytime news outlets and pop culture fans deem it okay to talk about pregnant women and their children in a negative way, there’s a definite issue.

While perusing the internet I stumbled upon this article on the

Making fun of preggersIn the article the author calls out Kim Kardashian for squeezing her swollen feet into a pair of stilettos.

If she wears a pair of flats, she gets talked about.

If she wears a pair of uncomfortable heels, she gets talked about.

Pregnant celebrities are at a total disadvantage when it comes to the media.

As much as I like reading a juicy story, it actually bothers me that social media and news outlets think it’s okay to make fun of a pregnant woman.

Anyone who would criticize a woman’s pregnant body couldn’t possibly know what it feels like to be pregnant because carrying a child puts your body through all types of changes.

Steph slider post

Kim Kardashian showing off her baby bump

When you’re pregnant your feet swell, your clothes are ill fitting, you’re tired, etc., etc., etc.

Life as a pregnant woman is not comfortable.

Over a year ago the tabloids had a field day discussing Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy. Throughout her entire pregnancy she was the subject of several rude comments poking fun at her 40 pound weight gain. If that wasn’t enough, people had the audacity to speak negatively of the baby’s weight upon arrival; a healthy 9 pounds, 13 ounces.

I’ve been pregnant once and although I had a miscarriage during my first trimester, I know the feeling – so my hat goes off to women who carry babies.

It’s not an easy task and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Pregnant women and their little bambinos should be off limits.

I know public scrutiny is the price you pay for celebrity status but by damn, when did it become cool to make fun of the pregnancy process?



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