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Detroit’s most powerful natural resource is its people. There’s remarkable work and creativity bubbling up from the grass roots across Metro Detroit. And a closer look finds a woman at the foundation and source of some of the most inspiring and hopeful happenings unfolding in the Detroit area.

Visionaries is a place where we identify and honor the quiet (and not-so-quiet), strong, wise women gems driving the change that we all want to see in this community.

All websites are a work in progress … always evolving, always changing. Shetroit is a virtual connecting place for women of purpose and optimism to find each other, support each other, and, importantly, to use the Internet to come together off the Internet. is brand spanking new and while we’re committed to helping the women of Detroit weaving community, the form of this site is just a starting point. We invite women everywhere to engage and be a part of this new undertaking as we help catalyze going forward.

We invite your suggestions for future choices.  Contact us today.

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